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10 April 2020

If students are slightly fatigued it will usually not have a negative impact, but if they are exhausted from a non-stop day they may not be able to maintain the focus or concentration needed to draw. If your student seems to be yawning through class you might want to inquire about the possibility of a different class time.

As each class ends, the studio doors are opened and parents/guardians are welcome to enter and see what their students have drawn. We suggest that you ask your children to tell you about their artwork. Ask them questions like:

Was this a challenging drawing?
Did you like this one? 
Are you happy with your picture? 
What parts do you like or dislike?

You may be surprised by their responses.

Kids can be very thoughtful when talking about their artwork. Let them tell you about their experiences first, and then congratulate them on their successes and remind them that they learn the most from the parts that are unsatisfactory (or, as they call them, "mistakes"). Beauty does not require perfection!


We do not wish to impose inflexible policies on our students or families but the impact from late arrivals is serious enough that we must enforce this consistently.

Every week, the first minutes of class are important to introduce the project, explain the learning objectives and teach students how to organize their thinking around the "process" we will follow. To accomplish this the studio environment must stimulate and engage them, allow them to focus without distraction and integrate information about both the drawing and the process. Late arrivals can negate all of these desired results for the entire class